Dine Out for Maple Alley Inn

Do you know about Bellingham’s annual event ‘Dine Out for Maple Alley Inn‘?  It’s a yearly fundraiser for the Opportunity Council’s program that provides hot, nutritious meals for people in need.  The date changes every year but I think it is usually the first Tuesday in May.

50+ Bellingham restaurants will be donating 20% of their May 3rd sales to the Maple Alley Inn program.  You can see the full list of restaurants at the link above.  Last year Dine Out raise $20,000 for Maple Alley Inn and provided nearly half of the funds raised for Maple Alley Inn for the whole year.

So grab a bite to eat and do your good deed for the day!

One thought on “Dine Out for Maple Alley Inn

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