I took a blogging break

Taylor Street dock walkway

I blog for a few different reasons: to get the word out about community events, to promote myself as a Bellingham real estate broker, as a place to share photos, and just as a general outlet to the world.  First and foremost though, I do it as a hobby.  And like all hobbies, sometimes the blog gets a lot of attention and sometimes it does not.  The past few weeks were the ‘not’ weeks.  I hate to feel obligated to post, and sometimes I just want a little break- so I took one!

I think that I will pick it up more in the days to come.  As always, thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “I took a blogging break

  1. I had to take a break for a little while myself. It can be hard to keep up with sometimes. Hope you are having a great summer…well, if you can call this summer so far….

  2. Elizabeth Turner

    Hi, I love this picture of Taylor Dock. Could I have your permission to print it for personal use? Just to put up in my house.

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