Is Bellingham the Best Place to Live? 2010 Accolades


Sunset over Bellingham Bay

If it were up to me, Bellingham would also have a 'best sunset' award.


Since I began blogging about Bellingham earlier this year, I have been surprised to see how many times Bellingham has ended up on lists starting with ‘best’, ‘highest’ and ‘most’.  So, in honor of the end of 2010, I thought I’d look back at some of the recognition that Bellingham has received this year.

Bellingham is A “Most Secure Place to Live”– Just last week, Farmers Insurance released data that indicated that Bellingham was the third most secure mid-sized city in the country.  (Olympia came in first.)

Bellingham is “Fixing the Future” According to PBS Documentary– PBS featured Bellingham in a documentary focused on sustainable living and local businesses.

Bellingham, WA- A Local Living Community– Journey of Action called Bellingham “one of the most sustainable communities in the U.S.” and “the number one small city in urban sustainability.”

Bellingham is #10 For Bike Commuting– Considering how much it rains in Bellingham, I’d say coming in at #10 is pretty good!  (Boulder, CO came in first.)

Want to move to Bellingham? As a local Realtor®, I would love to help you find a house in Bellingham!


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