My Favorite Shopping Spots in Bellingham

Book shop in Fairhaven, Bellingham

Village Books is one-stop shopping for all the readers on your list.

With Christmas coming soooon, I thought I’d write down a quick list of my favorite stores for shopping in Bellingham.  Whether I’m looking for a last minute gift or a little something for myself, I can count on these stores to satisfy my shopping urges.

I’m a bit of a shopaholic, and I love to shop locally.  The clothing and shoes category includes stores where I do more personal shopping than Christmas shopping, but sometimes you know someone’s taste/size well enough to buy a gift there as well.  And socks are a great stocking stuffer (well, for grown-ups anyway).

So here are my picks for Christmas shopping in Bellingham:


Village Books– A great bookstore in Fairhaven.

Paper Dreams – Attached to Village Books, Paper Dreams has a bigger gift selection, as well as great Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

Fairhaven Bike and Ski – Also in Fairhaven (as indicated by the name), this store is great for all your active friends.

REI – If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Fairhaven Bike and Ski, check REI.  They also have a lot of stocking stuffer-type gifts.

MerchBot – For the humor lover, MerchBot has lots of super random things- think zombies and fake mustaches.  Great for kids or kids at heart.

Ideal – This store is great for the design junkie in your life.  It has high style items at all price points and very nice women who own it.

Fairhaven Toy Garden – So fun to look around, with toys for all ages.

Greenhouse – This store has pretty much anything you might need for home decor, from garlands to furniture.  It also has a great kitchen section.

Digs – More awesome house stuff, it will make you want to redecorate!

Covet – Handmade jewelry, art, and furniture make great one-of-a-kind gifts.


Four Starrs – Located in Fairhaven, Four Starrs has a great selection of party dresses, cute jackets, and more.

Sogourn – Great for a look around, you’ll find everything from classic black dresses to really trendy pieces in this store.


Mi Shoes – Great quality, carefully selected women’s shoes.  A bit pricey, but you’ll keep the shoes forever.

Left Right Left – You know you’ve browsed their sale rack on the sidewalk.  They’ve got some great stuff inside too!  Including men’s shoes and some nice hats, scarves, and socks.

12th Street Shoes – In Fairhaven, this store has fashionable yet comfortable shoes for women.  (Perfect for the Bellingham aesthetic.)  They also have awesome tights.

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