Bellingham is #10 for Bike Commuting

Fraser St. in Bellingham, good alternative to Lakeway

Bike lane on Fraser St., Bellingham. Flickr photo by Robert Ashworth

Do you ride your bike to work?  If so, you have helped put Bellingham on the map as a bike commuting kind of place.  According to census data, Bellingham is #10 in the country on the list of cities with the highest rates of bike commuting.

An analysis of data released from the American Community Survey, an ongoing study of economic and cultural conditions conducted by the Census Bureau, found that more than 2,099 people in Bellingham bike to work on a regular basis.  That’s 5.2% for those of you who prefer to think in percentages.

Bellingham was the only city in Washington to make the list, so good work Bellinghamsters!

In case you’re wondering about the other 9 cities:

#1- Boulder, Colorado (12.3%)
#2- Eugene, Oregon (10.8%)
#3- Fort Collins, Colorado (9.9%)
#4- Berkeley, California (8.9%)
#5- Cambridge, Massachussets (8.5%)
#6- Missoula, Montana (7.2%)
#7- Gainesville, Florida (6.3%)
#8- Portland, Oregon (5.8%)
#9- Chico, California (5.7%)
#10- Bellingham, Washington (5.2%)

One thought on “Bellingham is #10 for Bike Commuting

  1. […] Bellingham is #10 For Bike Commuting- Considering how much it rains in Bellingham, I’d say coming in at #10 is pretty good!  (Boulder, CO came in first.) […]

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