See where your food comes from on the Whatcom Farm Tour

Whatcom County Farm

Ferndale Farm, photo by Flickr user evilerin

When was the last time you saw the inner workings of a farm?  Not too lately? Then check out the Whatcom County Farm Tour this Saturday, September 11 (tomorrow) so you can see where your food comes from!  Fall is a great time to check out farms, there’s that harvest-time feeling in the air and the weather is lovely.

A 34 mile loop will take you by 11 working farms throughout Whatcom County, where you will get the chance to pet sheep, go on a hayride, and sample some local foodstuffs.  You can bike it (the directions start from the Bellingham Farmers’ Market), or drive it, or just pick a couple of farms if you’re not feeling that ambitious.

The Whatcom County Farm Tour is sponsored by Sustainable Connections, which is a big supporter of the eat local movement.  They have more information at their Whatcom Farm Tour website, including a downloadable map.

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