Welcome (Back) to Bellingham, WWU Students!

Old Main, Western Washington University, Belli...

WWU Campus, Image via Wikipedia

Here in Bellingham, you can tell that WWU is starting this month because there has been an influx of college students, there are moving vans everywhere, and the bars and restaurants are packed.  From incoming freshmen to upperclassmen who spend summers at their parents’, WWU students have been coming (back) to Bellingham in droves for the last month or so.

To me, these WWU students coming back to school are one of the first signs of fall.  There’s starting to be a crispness to the air as the weather cools, and the atmosphere is full of energy brought in by thousands of students.  Being fairly young myself, I am constantly mistaken for a Western student, so I feel a kind of kinship with them.  It’s true, many people my age in Bellingham are in grad school- many of my friends included.  As Western Washington University starts, the average age of Bellingham falls considerably.

So, welcome back WWU students, I’m happy to see you!

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