Pickford Cinema: Bellingham’s Own Indie Theatre

Film Projector

If you’ve been around Bellingham lately, you’ve probably noticed that The Pickford Cinema is busy raising money for their new space, The Pickford Film Center.  In an era where most towns are losing their local theaters, I think it is awesome that Bellingham is going in the opposite direction.  The Pickford Film Center is going to have 25o seats (triple what they have now), 2 screens (up from 1), and a lobby/concessions/café area (a huge improvement).

The Pickford Cinema/Film Center is a great asset to our community, showing those art house and critically acclaimed films that don’t come to the big chain theaters.  They also host film festivals and a filmmaking contest.  Basically, we are lucky to have them in Bellingham.  So, if you haven’t donated yet, you can do so at their website, or show up at any number of community fundraising events, including the one below.

Next Friday (September 10, 2010), Boundary Bay Brewery will be hosting a movie night to benefit the Pickford Cinema.  They will be screening The Big Lebowski at dusk in the beer garden.  There’s also a coloring contest, for those of us young at heart (kids can enter, but the movie night is 21+).  There’s a suggested donation of $5, although if you’re feeling generous I’m sure they would love to raise as much as possible for the Pickford!

You can keep up on the Pickford’s progress by following the Pickford Film Center’s Facebook page.

*Photo is by Flikr user Pedro Ribeiro Simoes and is licensed by Creative Commons.

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