The Coffeeshop With the Best View: Woods Coffee in Boulevard Park

Woods Coffee Bellingham WA

Woods Coffee in Boulevard Park

Monday mornings mean I need coffee.  Preferably in a great location like Woods Coffee in Boulevard Park, one of the most gorgeously located coffee shops in Bellingham, WA.  It’s a great place to get a breath of fresh air, a yummy latte, and delicious pastries baked by Avenue Bread. I find their prices a bit high sometimes, but come on, where else can you get such a great view of Bellingham Bay?

Woods Coffee rents the space from the City of Bellingham’s Parks Department, after doing a substantial renovation in 2007.  Prior to that, the building was used as a pottery studio by Whatcom Community College (until 2004) and long before that as a turbine for a lumber mill.  After much deliberation, the Bellingham Parks Department decided to rent to Woods Coffee because they thought it would be a nice complement to Boulevard Park.  (And it is!)

Woods Coffee Boulevard Park

You rarely see this many empty seats on the patio!

Check out their outdoor patio on a sunny afternoon and your cares will float away.  If you still need to work or study though, they do have wifi.  There’s always plenty of people with their laptops and notebooks, using the view as inspiration.  If it happens to get cold (we all know it’s coming), the inside is pretty cozy too, with a central fireplace.  And if you want to take a walk, there are nice trails to downtown Bellingham in one direction and Fairhaven in the other.

This is one of 10 locations for locally owned Woods Coffee.  It’s a great destination for tourists and locals alike!