Lazy Days of Summer

Bellingham BBQ

My little grill has been getting lots of use!

I’m thinking the phrase ‘Lazy Days of Summer’ is a lie, at least up here in Bellingham, Washington.  This is by far the busiest season for me and most of the people I know in Bellingham.  With long days and great weather, we feel compelled to take advantage of everything Western Washington has to offer.

Hiking, camping, weddings, biking, boating, al fresco dining and barbeques are only a handful of activities taking up my time these days.  My friends have caught on that summer is the best time to visit as well.  For some reason, I get way more visitors living in Bellingham than I ever did in Seattle.  I get to do all the touristy things in the summer while showing them around.  Last week we went out to Orcas Island; I hadn’t been there in years and it is soooo beautiful!  We even caught a ferry home at sunset.  Can it get any better?

For real estate, summer is one of the busiest seasons as well.  People are moving between school years, and houses ‘show’ the best in the summer (in Bellingham at least!).  Moving to Bellingham becomes very appealing in the summer.  (Although I think it’s appealing the rest of the year too.)

Every town is putting on a show to celebrate summer.  There is no shortage of festivals and outdoor concerts if you happen to have some free time.  If you’re looking for something to do check out my ‘Stuff to Do in Bellingham‘ category.   There are great events all around Bellingham, and some more throughout Whatcom County.

Suffice to say, we are busy up here in the Northwest.  This is our chance to have the best weather in the country, and when it comes, we enjoy it to the fullest.  No lazing around in the air conditioning for us!

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