Dr. Sketchy’s at the Temple Bar

Colorful Artist

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is fun the way you always wished art class was in school.  Hosted by the Temple Bar in downtown Bellingham every second Monday of the month, this is a chance to show off your artistic talent of lack thereof.  There will be many more drinks and laughs than you remember in school.

Last night was my first experience with Dr. Sketchy’s, but I’ll definitely be back.  My drawings did not turn out framable, or even keepable, but that’s not the point.  The point is to have fun, and have a chance to draw without judgement.  The evening starts out with one minute sketches, just to warm up.  Then they move into two minute poses, etc, with the longest one last night being twenty minutes.  There are mini contests, with titles like “best roll of duck tape” or “best fire swamp”.  The judge goes on creativity and personal taste, not talent.  You can win shots of booze or gift certificates to local businesses like The Paperdoll or The Black Drop.

Poses last night ranged from Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to Farmboy and Buttercup fighting the RUSSes.  The poses (and music I think) are the model’s choice, and the models change every week.  So you don’t really know what to expect!  I’m guessing it’s pretty hilarious every month.

There’s only 3 rules for Dr. Sketchy’s:

  1. Everyone must be drawing.  No looky-loos.
  2. No photos.  That’s why I used a flickr photo.
  3. No lewd comments/harassing the models.

Tickets go on sale on the 1st of the month at the Temple Bar and cost $12.  They usually sell out in the first few days.  Doors open at 6 and the show starts at 6:30.  It lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Check it out, you’ll have fun!  So happy to have something like this in Bellingham.

Photo is from Flickr user Ian Sane™ and is licensed under Creative Commons.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Sketchy’s at the Temple Bar

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  2. […] The event is free, but donations are gratefully accepted.  Previously, they were advertising this event as costing 25 bucks, so be generous!  Money raised will help finish the Pickford Film Center’s new space at 1318 Bay St. The Temple Bar is located at 306 W. Champion St., Bellingham WA 98227. For more information, visit the Dames and Gents Facebook event page or call 360-676-8660. You might also be interested in: Pickford Cinema: Bellingham’s Own Indie Theatre Dr. Sketchy’s at The Temple Bar […]

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