Monday Caffeine: Rustic Coffee

It’s Monday morning again, and I need something to get me going! I stopped by Rustic Coffee in the Fairhaven neighborhood for a pick me up.

Rustic Coffee has got their “atmosphere” down. There’s copper detailing, a fireplace, bookshelf, cozy chairs, wireless internet, and the whole nine yards. I’m not sure I’d call it “rustic”, but I like the modern amenities! It’s a great place for curling up with a book, meeting up with a friend, a small business meeting, or just for getting coffee!

Rustic coffee will keep your ‘punch card’ on the computer, so sign up and tell them your name when you order and your 10th coffee will be free. They have free wifi, just ask for the password. Oh yeah, and the coffee is really good too!

Rustic coffee is located in the Fairhaven neighborhood of Bellingham, check it out!

One thought on “Monday Caffeine: Rustic Coffee

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